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You Are Here: Electrical Supplies - Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Login/Username?
Your login or user name is a unique reference that identifies you on the Shop4All Limited website, it is essentially your key to accessing your account for ordering online.

Why Is My Email Address / Password Not Accepted?
If you see a message informing you that an account with this email address already exists, then it is likely that an you have previously created a web account with Shop4All Limited.

As a rule, email addresses are unique and as such we are using this to check if there is a web account already in existence.

If your account already exists, we would prefer you to use the New Password form as you will retain any order history and/or stored delivery addresses.

What Happens If I Incorrectly Enter Information In The Form?
Where information has not been entered or entered incorrectly in mandatory fields (marked with a
*) then the form will return with the error message "There were problems with the form and your information could not be updated. Please see below for more details."

The field containing the error will also contain a message beginning "Please enter your XXXX", where XXXX is the information required e.g. County.

Non mandatory fields can be corrected within the Account Management Module