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You Are Here: Electrical Supplies - Checkout Step2

Checkout Step 2 - Delivery Address
After clicking the Continue to Payment Details button the Delivery Address page is displayed.

At the top of the page you will see a summary of the products in your order.

Deliver To Registered Address
If your delivery address is the same as the displayed registered address then simply click on the "Deliver to the registered address button.

Stored Delivery Addresses
This is where the delivery addresses entered in the Account Management Module really speeds up the ordering process. You can select a different delivery address from those listed by clicking on the Select Address option.

Enter A New Address
If you haven't already entered the delivery address, please use the enter the new address details in the fields provided.

Mandatory Fields?
Where information has not been entered or entered incorrectly in mandatory fields (marked with a
*) then the form will return with the error message "There were problems with the form and your information could not be updated. Please see below for more details."

The field containing the error will also contain a message beginning "Please enter your XXXX", where XXXX is the information required e.g. County.

Click the Continue To Payment Details button to move to step 3 of the ordering process.