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Gilflex FA2WHI White Mini Trunking Moulded Flat Angle 25mm x 16mm (Pack Size 10)


Gilflex FA2WHI White Mini Trunking Moulded Flat Angle 25mm x 16mm (Pack Size 10) Monster Deals - SAVE Even More
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Normally despatched
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Gilflex FA2WHI White Mini Trunking Moulded Flat Angle 25mm x 16mm (Pack Size 10)

8 sizes and numerous different fittings make up the Gilflex range of mini-trunking designed to suit the most difficult installations in the commercial and domestic sector. For real ease of installation the smaller sizes are available with self adhesive backing.

The trunking is also available for Special Order in Red - for fire alarm or security cabling recognition; and Brown for domestic conservatory and workshop use. Naturally both act especially well where any form of differential between cabling installations is required.

Moulded corners and couplers are designed to clip over the mini-trunking eliminating the need for precision cutting on site and to help size the trunking required..

A full range of integrated surface mounted boxes to suit most accessories on the market is also available.



GT1 - GT6 and GT8 are available with a full range of moulded fittings. GT7 with fabricated fittings. To maintain insulated integrity when using moulded fittings, the trunking base should be mitred at the corners. If cabling is to be double insulated, square cut or but corners can be made, the moulded fitting will mask the butt joint. When using GT7 with fabricated fittings, the nominal leg dimension of the fitting leg is 45mm; this dimension plus the width of the trunking base must be allowed for.

External clip-over couplers are available for GT1, GT2 and GT8. All other mini-trunking uses internal couplers, where internal couplers are used the trunking should be cut to the required length and fixed to the wall, ceiling etc. After fitting the base, the cabling can be installed using the moulded fittings to retain the cables in the base. The trunking cover should be cut to suit.

Fit the cover adjacent to one fitting and slide under the fitting to the location tab. Press home the cover along the base, guiding the free end under the next fitting, and press home the cover to complete the installation.