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Sangamo FD930 Conduit Box For Round Pattern Switches


Sangamo FD930 Conduit Box For Round Pattern Switches Monster Deals - SAVE Even More
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Normally despatched
within 1-2 working days

Manufacturer Information

Code 110469

Sangamo FD930 Conduit Box For Round Pattern Switches

Designed for the Sangamo S250, Q550 and E850 models, the conduit box is for interior use and is made of pressed steel with a black enamel finish. The conduit entry box has one 20.3mm hole suitable for 3/4 inch or 20 mm conduit fixing.


Remove the conduit box lid, retaining the 2 no. 4BA pan head screws. A small trapped package of fi xing screws will be released. Once the location for the conduit entry box is identified, the conduit fixing should be installed & connected such that it enters from the bottom. This will ensure the product, when installed, is correctly orientated. Secure the conduit box to the surface, as appropriate, via 2 fixing holes, 4.75mm dia. (No fixings supplied).

Route the required electrical cabling for the application, through the conduit, leaving adequate excess to install the timeswitch. Take the timeswitch and remove the clear cover and the extended terminal cover. (not required)

Pull the mechanism from its base by grasping behind the dial face to leave only the base.

From inside of the base use an implement to clear the 3 knockout positions on the rear face.

Refer to switch installation and user instruction leafl et to correctly wire up the timeswitch including its earth connection where appropriate.

A connection to the conduit box earth position should be made and secured with 1 no. 4BA cheese head screw and washer. (fixings supplied)

Secure the base to the conduit box by lining up the base knock outs and corresponding conduit box tapped holes and secure with 3 no. 2BA countersunk head screws (fixings supplied).

Refit the lid matching the lug profile and secure at each corner using 4 no. 4BA pan head screws (fixings supplied). Ensure manual override button
on the side of base is not trapped.

Take switch mechanism and set in accordance with the switch installation and user instruction leaflet. Plug mechanism into the base ensuring properly seated. Apply power and verify installation. Refit the clear cover.