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Vent-Axia HL90 Hi-Line Plus White 3-Blade Ceiling Sweep Fan With 360mm + 610mm Drop Rods 36 Inch / 900mm 240V


Vent-Axia HL90 Hi-Line Plus White 3-Blade Ceiling Sweep Fan With 360mm + 610mm Drop Rods 36 Inch / 900mm 240V Monster Deals - SAVE Even More
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Manufacturer Information

Code 428049

Vent-Axia HL90 Hi-Line Plus White 3-Blade Ceiling Sweep Fan With 360mm + 610mm Drop Rods 36 Inch / 900mm 240V

Hi-Line Plus ceiling fans can be used in offices, stores, shops, foyers, schools, hospitals, kitchens, restaurants and many industrial applications such as warehouses, factories, tanneries, and workshops. Hi-Line Plus fans will provide effective and positive air movement to improve the working environment particularly during Summer months. In addition, Hi-Line Plus fans can be used during the Winter to recirculate hot air from under ceilings and roofs down to living and working areas thus helping to conserve energy.


• Suitable for winter De-stratification applications or summer cooling
• Three sweep diameters: 900mm, 1200mm, and 1400mm
• Two down rod lengths included
• Easy to install
• Quiet running
• Can be installed for either upward or downward airflow
• Reversible electronic controller available

The motor is totally enclosed, capacitor start and run. Suitable for temperatures up to +40°C. Supply Voltage 220-240V/1/50Hz.

Fan Selection
For energy conservation fan selection is dependent upon area and mounting height. Estimate the height at which the fan can be mounted and then calculate the relevant fan size from the table below. Move to meet the diagonal line and then read down to find out how much floor area per fan is suitable.

Down Rods
The Hi-Line Plus fans include both a long and short down rod packaged as standard. The total drop length of the short down rod including motor is 360mm. The total drop length of the long down rod including motor is 610mm.

Ceiling Fan Controller
New SAC5 Reversible Controller
The Vent-Axia ceiling fan controller adds extra flexibility to all Hi-Line Plus installations. Fan speeds can be selected to suit varying conditions. This is of particular benefit where mounting height is low. The controller is designed to be used with a single fan or up to 5 Hi-Line fans.

The controller is infinitely variable, has solid state components, an insulated spindle, white cover plate and can be flush or surface mounted - please state when ordering. Suitable for commercial environments.

Hi-Line Plus fans should be used only with a Vent-Axia ceiling fan controller or an On/Off switch. Supply Voltage 220-240V/1/50Hz.
Stock Ref. No. 428238

For completely silent running we recommend the use of a 5 step transformer. Suitable for up to 9 ceiling sweep fans.
Stock Ref. No. 10314103

General Installation
For cooling effect
Circulation of air is required in any given area. As a guide, mount Hi-Line fans 4.5 - 6m apart. In tropical climates, 3m apart.

Choose the required down rod to ensure that there is at least 2.3m between the bottom of the blades and the floor and not less than 0.75m between the blades and the ceiling or roof.

Fans should be mounted so that they do not interfere with lighting installations in any way. Do not mount within 1 sweep diameters of walls or pillars to avoid obstruction of airflow.

For energy conservation
All that is required is a gentle movement of air to transfer high level hot air down to the working level. There can often be a 10°C temperature difference between roof and floor in commercial areas, with heat escaping through the roof. Hi-Line Plus fans can recirculate this heat, reduce the temperature difference, help save on heating costs and increase comfort and efficiency.

Fans should be positioned in the highest part of the roof with at least 0.75m between blades and any part of the roof and at least 1 diameters away from walls and pillars or other obstructions.

Down rod length
For normal installations the 610mm down rod length should be used. The shorter (360mm) down rod length should be used where fans are to be mounted to beams below the ceiling or roof.

Heat Saving
Heat savings are largely dependent on the difference between the roof level and the working level temperatures, the ventilation rate and the geographical position. An approximation of possible heat savings can be made on a ventilation rate of 3 ACH and average U values by using the Heat Savings Calculator.

Model HL90 HL120 HL140
Sweep dia. 900mm 1200mm 1400mm
Colour White White White
Stock Ref No. 428049 428050 428051
Air Displacement m³/h 8100 12600 15000
Max Watts 60 60 60
Amps @ 240V 0.27 0.27 0.27
SAC5 Controller Ref No. 428238 428238 428238
Approx Weight (kg) 7 7 7

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