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CED CWEYE Catenary Wire Eye (Thimble)


CED CWEYE Catenary Wire Eye (Thimble) Monster Deals - SAVE Even More
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Normally despatched
within 1-2 working days

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CED CWEYE Catenary Wire Eye (Thimble)

By removing the bulk of excess material, catenaries are substantially lighter than metal bracketry, resulting in a significant reduction of the vertical loads imposed on a given structure. Not only does this method save on material costs when compared to rods, struts and brackets, catenaries are also a marked improvement from a health and safety standpoint too, reducing the risk of injury from cutting and lifting.


Suspended substantially faster and adjusted considerably easier, catenaries can be used to hang all manner of industrial services busbar, lighting, cable trunking, bundled cables, signage etc in places that would otherwise be impossible.

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