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Electrical Cable Varieties

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Shop4 Electrical supplies an extensive range of all types of cable used in today's electrical installations - both standard and low smoke and fume cable versions are available. We can provide you with cables for general wiring, multicore cable, as well as fire resistant cables. Our selection also includes tri-rated cables and data networking cables.

If you’re looking for something more specific, then take a look at our selection of miscellaneous cables- we have everything from digital satellite cables to speaker cables available.

All of our electrical products are available for immediate despatch from our warehouse - backed by the pricing and customer services that you have come to expect from Shop4-Electrical.

General Wiring Cables

A complete range of BASEC certified general wiring cables for domestic and light industrial wiring applications is available. Products include 6242Y Twin & Earth, 6243Y Three Core & Earth, 6181Y Meter Tails and 6491X Single Core Cables.

Flexible Wiring Cables

Shop4 Electrical is able to supply flexible cables for all applications. These include PVC flexible cable for general purpose use with domestic appliances and portable tools and rubber flexible cables for application where PVC sheathed cable is not suitable, such as hot, cold or damp environments.

Industrial SWA Cables

Steel Wired Armoured cable is the accepted standard for industrial wiring and mains power distribution cables for networks, underground, outdoors, indoors and in cable ducting. May be embedded in concrete. Rated 600/1000V

Fire Performance Cables

Multicore, hard skinned triple barrier fire resistant cable for fixed installation typically in fire alarm and emergency lighting circuits. For installation where fire, smoke emission and toxic fumes create a potential threat to life and equipment.

Tri-Rated Cable

Tri-rated wiring cable is a 105°C high temperature, flame retardant cable designed for use in appliances, switch control, relay and instrumentation panels of power switchgear.

Multicore Control Cables

Multicore Cables are used as interconnecting cable for measuring, controlling or regulation in control equipment for assembly and production lines, conveyors and for computer units.

Miscellaneous Cable

Alarm cables, telephone cables, digital satellite cables, co-axial cables, bellwire and speaker cables can be ordered in 100m reels from Shop4-Electrical for next day delivery.

Data Networking Cables

SHOP4 Electrical offers a comprehensive range of Data Networking Cables supporting data transmission speeds of up to 1GB per second. The range includes Category 5E, which supports frequencies up to 100MHz and Category 6 cables, which can support frequencies up to 250MHz.

SuperRod Rack-A-Tier Portable Cable Dispenser

The Rack-A-Tier cable dispenser is most commonly used for dispensing cable from spools of various sizes, however, this highly innovative product has many other uses as well.