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Carbon Monoxide, Smoke & Fire Detectors, Emergency Lighting

You have selected Fire & Emergency Lighting.

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Shop4 Electrical supplies a comprehensive range of the fire protection products demanded by busy electrical contractors and systems installers.

Our range of fire sensors and alarms includes Aico smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms, Channel Safety conventional and bi-wire control panels, fire detectors and other accessories. We also provide other alarm systems, including disabled toilet alarms.

As well as alarms and detectors, we supply emergency lighting, including emergency exit lights, utilising conventional and LED light sources from manufacturers such as Channel Safety and Eterna Lighting.

All of our fire alarms, emergency lighting, and other products in this category are available for immediate despatch - backed by the pricing and customer services that you can expect from Shop4-Electrical.

Smoke & Heat Alarms

Shop4 Electrical supply the complete range of high quality, mains and battery powered smoke and heat alarms from the market leader Aico. Radiolink wireless accessories and devices reduce installation time and costs and eliminate interconnection issues.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Using tried and trusted high grade semiconductor sensor technology the Aico Carbon Monoxide Alarms offer a greater degree of accuracy, selectivity and stability. with little or no maintenance

Conventional Alarms Systems

Easy to install conventional fire alarm control panels, heat / smoke detectors, break glass call points, internal bells, sounders, xenon beacons and door retainers offer the cost conscious installer a market leading product range at low, low prices.

Bi-Wire (2-Wire) Alarm Systems

Bi-Wire systems are based on standard conventional system technology, but in addition incorporate additional functionality to enable the callpoints, detectors and the sounders for each separate zone to be wired on a single common circuit.

Disabled Toilet Alarms

The Disabled Toilet Alarm Kits from Channel Safety and Robus include everything required for a compliant and easy to install disabled persons toilet alarm. Attractively designed and simple to use, it allows a distressed person to call for assistance in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Lighting

The Shop4 Electrical range of Emergency Lighting offers a low cost value range of luminaires to meet the current regulations whilst providing the aesthetically pleasing design demanded by commercial and industrial installations.

Intumescent Socket Gaskets

The holes made in ceiling and walls for electrical supplies compromise the integrity of vital fire barriers. By adding intumescent gaskets, penetrations made for electrical services will be properly protected leaving the integrity of fire barriers intact, whilst also fulfilling the requirements of the Building and IEE Regulations.

Fire & Emergency Lighting Log Books

Complete log books for on-site recording of both Fire Alarms abd Emergency Lighting Systems. Provides reference advice, site information covering essential details of the system as well as the testing register. Enables everything to managed in one document and covers the legal obligations of the landlord and tenant.

Fire Resistant Cable

Multicore, hard skinned triple barrier fire resistant cable for fixed installation typically in fire alarm and emergency lighting circuits. For installation where fire, smoke emission and toxic fumes create a potential threat to life and equipment.