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Industrial Sockets, Plugs and Connectors

Discount Electrical stocks leading-brand industrial plugs and sockets that meet the unified international standards (IEC and EN 60309).

IP44 & IP67 Connectors, Plugs & Sockets

Our comprehensive range includes ratings from 16A to 125A, with polarities, voltages and frequencies suitable for all applications up to 400V. With IP44 and IP67 ratings, the products are suitable for the domestic, industrial and construction sectors.

Mennekes Plugs, Sockets, Inlets & Connectors

With a reputation for being able to withstand extreme temperatures, dust and water, Mennekes plugs, sockets, inlets and connectors are relied upon by electricians across the UK, Europe and beyond. All products are accredited by the relevant institutions.

Lewden Industrial Plugs, Connectors & Surface-Mounted Sockets

Superior quality plugs, sockets and accessories with the Lewden brand are a mainstay for many electricians. These products are manufactured to superior standards and meet IEC60309 (BS EN 60309) specifications.

Gewiss Industrial Plugs, Connectors & Switch Sockets

We also stock Gewiss industrial connectors, switch sockets and plugs, all built to the highest standards. Gewiss is one of their most accomplished manufacturers in industrial connections and distributions boards.

Mennekes Industrial Wiring Accessories


Extremes of cold, heat, dust and water are tested in Mennekes' laboratories again and again.
After this, the products are certified by accredited institutions. According to international standards.

Lewden Industrial Wiring Accessories


A comprehensive range of industrial plugs, sockets & accessories to suit all environment & applications manufactured to the highest quality & meeting IEC60309 (BS EN 60309) specifications.

Lewden Industrial Wiring Accessories


A long-established leader in industrial connections and distributions boards, has updated its system, introducing the new IEC 309 HP - HIGH PERFORMANCE range of socket-outlets and plugs.