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High Quality Lamps and Tubes

You have selected Lamps & Tubes.

Browse through our product range using the red coloured links on the left hand navigation bar or in the table below.

Discount Electrical’s comprehensive range of tubes and lamps are suitable for a variety of interior and exterior locations. Whether you need low-key restaurant lighting or powerful outdoor lighting, you're certain to find the products that you need.

Our lighting product range meets the needs of:
• Offices
• Shops
• Petrol stations
• Pubs, restaurants and hotels
• Hospitals
• Council offices
• Industrial units, including factories and warehouses
• Outdoor locations such as streets and sports grounds
• Homes

We stock the leading brands in lighting, including Megaman, SLI Sylvania, Osram, GE Lighting, and Philips – all at discount prices.

Environmental Lighting

Increasingly popular LED lamps offer strong light and low energy consumption – making them ideal for environment-conscious clients and those keen to reduce energy costs. Our selection of halogen energy saving lamps also support the environment, providing light with a natural look, and cost savings of up to 65% on regular lights.

Commercial Lighting

Our range also includes fluorescent tubes, ideal for lighting large spaces with minimal energy consumption. Perfect for offices, and public buildings such as schools, universities and hospitals, these tubes provide a more diffused light.
For those seeking high intensity discharge lamps, we stock metal halide lamps - known for their superior colour reproduction and low energy consumption. We also supply SON lamps, which are a better choice if energy savings take precedence over colour reproduction needs.
For an extremely long-life option, consider the 50,000-hour T8 Pro High Frequency Ballasts from Tridonic Atco.
If you require any help with your purchase, please contact us. Otherwise, you can order your chosen lamps or tubes online today, for fast delivery.

LED Lamps

LED lamps provide cutting edge performance and design. Hugely energy efficient compared to traditional lamps, bringing the potential for large savings.

Energy Saving Tungsten Halogen Lamps

Shop4 Electrical brings you bright, natural looking light with long life and impressive cost savings of up to 65% with its range of Halogen Energy Saving lamps in both mains and low voltage options.

Tungsten Halogen

Tungsten Halogen lamps provide a compact, high output, crisp white light that delivers superior colour reproduction. They are more efficient than incandescent lamps giving more light for less energy and from a smaller physical size.

Compact Fluorescent

Compact fluorescent lamps match the shape and light distribution of incandescent lamps but offer long-life and inherent energy saving characteristics. Whilst saving on energy and maintenance costs, you will lose nothing in quality.

Fluorescent Tubes

Fluorescent tubes give a more diffused light and this, together with their high energy efficiency, makes them ideal for large, open areas such as offices, commercial, industrial and public buildings.

High Intensity Discharge

High Intensity Discharge Lamps are available in 2 versions. Metal Halide offer excellent energy efficiency and excellent colour reproduction. SON lamps are suited where economy rather than accurate colour reproduction is required.

Tridonic T8 Fluorescent Ballasts

A comprehensive product range of T8 Pro High Frequency Ballasts from Tridonic Atco. This excellent range of ballasts offers long 50,000 hour service life.