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Programmers & Timers

You have selected Programmers & Timers.

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Shop4 Electrical offer the most comprehensive range of programmers and timers available ex-stock online. Our product range includes market leading brands such as Timeguard, Greenbrook, Grasslin, Elkay, Danlers, Danfoss Randall, Horstmann Controls, Sunvic and Sangamo providing you timing and control solutions for power, light, security, water and/or heating.

General Timers

Shop4 Electrical offer a full range of general timers including both electro-mechanical and digital 13A plug-in time controllers from Timeguard. Also available are digital socket box timers from Grasslin and the Columbus pneumatic timers from Elkay.

Central Heating Timers

Central Heating Programmers are used for controlling the central heating and hot water, switching up to four circuits at different times or days. The breadth of Shop4 Electrical's central heating controllers allows you to choose the best product at the lowest price, whether you need to control just heating or heating and water.

Water Heating Timers

The Shop4 Electrical range of Water Heating timers and programmers includes immersion heater time controllers developed specifically to be used with Economy7 and other off-peak tariffs. Also available is a range of run-back or boost timers which automatically switch off the hot water heater after a set-time.


Shop4 Electrical offer a comprehensive range of room thermostats available ex-stock for immediate despatch to suit all budgets. The range includes wireless and wired models and both digital and electro-mechanical options from market leading UK brands.

Heatmiser Neo Intelligent Heating Control

The NEO system has been designed to offer complete local and App control of heating, hot water and plug-in appliances. With NEO, you need to control your heating & hot water from anywhere in the world from your SmartPhone.

DIN-Rail Timers

Timeguard & Theben Partners in Time! A range of powerful, effective and economical DIN rail time control products with a choice of styles and functionality offering a range to suit all applications.

Round Pattern Timeswitches

Sangamo standard Round Pattern Time Switches have an unmatched 60 year reputation for quality, reliability and ease of use. All models have a 20amp switching capability, making them suitable for most industrial and commercial applications.

Trade & Commercial Timers

The SHOP4 Electrical updated range of electromechanical and digital trade timeswitches from Timeguard offer the perfect solution for controlling boilers, storage, convector and water heaters, central heating systems and all manner of industrial equipment and machinery up to 20 Amps.

Electric Wall Clocks

The Timeguard Delhi DQ range of battery powered clocks have a white plastic finish, glass front and white aluminium dial. Available in both 9 inch and 12 inch models they are ideal for use in both office and factory environments.