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Electric Space Heating

You have selected Space Heating.

Browse through our product range using the red coloured links on the left hand navigation bar or in the table below.

Electric space heating products require less capital spend, provide build speed benefits, allow for design flexibility and have lower maintenance and service costs than traditional gas central heating.

Considering overall minimum cost savings of 17%, electric space heating is now the viable alternative to traditional heating methods.

Easy-Install Electric Heating Products

Electric heating is easy to install, keeping installation costs minimal.

For new build properties this means installation at the second fix wiring stage, and for refurbishment/replacements it means minimal disruption for the household.

Our eco-radiators meet heating needs while keeping energy consumption down. Products from brand such as Rointe Kyros and Haverland are slim, elegant and easy to install.

Electric towel rails add a special touch of comfort, making the modern bathroom that bit more pleasant. Our range is marked out by very low running costs.

Our choice of underfloor heating mats are also ideal for extra comfort, especially in wintertime. Heatmats can be used as the primary heating source, and heat up quickly.

Infra-red heaters provide fast heat whenever it's needed. Our choice of over-door air curtains, meanwhile, create an inviting rush of warmth for visitors. Great for almost any modestly-sized entrance.

Electric hand dryers are efficient and environmentally friendly, and ensure staff, visitors and customers can dry their hands quickly and easily. Our range includes products from XLerator, Savortex, Warner Howard, Vent-Axia and Dyson.

Shop4 All Electrical's comprehensive range of electric space heating products provides a solution for every application.

LOT20 Compliant Electric Heaters

Shop4 offer a wide range of heaters designed to comply with the minimum efficiency standard introduced on the 1st January 2018. The aim of this legislation is to remove inefficient technologies and reduce the energy used by the products that heat our homes, helping to achieve our overall carbon reduction targets.

Dimplex Quantum

Dimplex Quantum is a revolutionary system that combines state-of-the-art electric heating with an economical demand response management tool and is the culmination of three years’ research and development.

Dimplex Q-Rad Eco Electric Radiators

Taking design cues from our category-leading Quantum heater, Q-Rad is sleek, slim and stylish. Combining good looks with simple controls, Q-Rad is ideal for use in many applications, including in place of conventional convector heaters or electric radiators.

Rointe D Series Digital Low Energy Radiators

Rointe D Series low energy radiator with inbuilt E-Life Technology control options & Wi-Fi App control stands out among all other heating products on the market. A new curved design, with frontal dissipation blades that permit natural air circulation, allows the radiators to reach the desired temperature in record time.

Rointe Kyros Series Eco Radiators

The third-generation LOT20 compliant KYROS low energy electric radiator range now includes smart energy software with four lifestyle programs already installed. You'll be able to reap the benefits of advanced functions that are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From low consumption to high quality and different aesthetic finishes to impressive visual menus, the improved KYROS range has everything you need.

Haverland Designer Eco Radiators

Haverland supply energy efficient heating solutions for a wide range of applications in both the business and domestic setting. Their Designer Series covers a wide cross-section of electric heating systems including domestic, retail, office, commercial and more.

Hyco Avignon Low Energy Electric Radiators

Hyco Avignon Low Energy Electric Radiators offers a stylish, modern fixed heating solution that is ideal for application in both home and office environments. This range features a slimline design and uses advanced technology to provide optimum heat and efficiency across a variety of applications.

Electric Storage Heaters

Shop4 Electrical offer for sale the full range of award winning Storage Heaters from Dimplex and Creda Heating which take advantage of off-peak electricity offering both manual and automatic control of daytime temperatures and separate convector heater models.

Electric Panel Heaters

The comprehensive Panel Heater range offered by Shop4 Electrical brings stylish yet subtle good looks to both classic and contemporary interiors. The Dimplex and Creda Heating ranges combine advanced performance and stylish good looks to provide superior panel heating solutions.

Electric Convector Heaters

Shop4 Electrical offer the most comprehensive range Dimplex electric convector heaters available online. Includes both portable and fixed wall mounting options all in stock and ready for next day delivery.

Electric Fan Heaters

For instant heat in domestic environments, Shop4 Electrical offer letterbox and upright (static and oscillating) portable fan heaters. For bathrooms and en-suites we recommend the Dimplex FX Downflow Fan Heaters with powerful 2kW output.

Base Unit Heaters

Shop4 Electrical's base unit plinth heater range is particularly suited to kitchen heating applications, being designed to fit neatly and unobtrusively into fitted furniture, display units, fascias or false walls.

Towel Rails

What a difference warm, dry towels make! With a Dimplex towel rail you can have them all the time but at amazingly low running costs - from about as much as a light bulb or two.

Heatmat Underfloor Heating

Easily installable underfloor heating mats from Heatmat are available in an extensive range of sizes. Suitable for use beneath tile and stone coverings, they offer rapid heat-up times and provide primary heating in the vast majority of rooms.

Warmup Sunstone Underfloor Heating

Quicker and easier to install than loose underfloor heating systems; the SunStone Mat system is the ideal solution for regular shaped rooms with little or no obstacles to move around

Infra-Red Heaters

Infra-red wall heaters are a safe, practical source of heat in bathrooms, kitchens, and work areas. Designed to provide rapid beamed warmth anywhere where fast localised heating is required. Suitable for permanent installation internally or externally

Dimplex AC Series Air Curtains

Bringing modern styling to the ever popular Dimplex AC range, these over door heaters provide powerful and effective heating above entrances to shops, offices and almost any small doorway.

Consort Screenzone Series Air Curtains

The Screenzone surface mounted wired air curtains are designed to suit various doorway sizes or entrances providing a welcoming curtain of warmth for doorways in shops, hotels, offices and other commercial premises.

Outdoor Heaters

An extensive range of outdoor heating solutions suitable for a number of external heating applications. These heaters provide long lasting performance with an attractive modern design and are perfect for outdoor dining areas or heating for smokers!

Tubular Heaters

Offering low cost heating for domestic or commercial use, Tubular Heaters are perfect for use in portable buildings, garages, kennels, catteries & aviaries. They can also add warmth to conservatories and retail display windows, while helping to prevent damp, condensation and freezing.

Hand Dryers

Shop4 All Electrical supplies a complete range of Hand Dryers from marketing leading suppliers such as Dyson, Xlerator, Savortex, Warner Howard, Vent-Axia and Biodrier. Ideal for applications where economy, hygiene, convenience and safety are of prime concern.