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Water Heaters

You have selected Water Heating.

Browse through our product range using the red coloured links on the left hand navigation bar or in the table below.

Does your organisation require fast, on-demand hot water? Browse our range of beverage water heaters - ideal for making refreshing tea or coffee as and when required. We also stock a range of general instantaneous water heaters, which can be used in domestic or commercial settings.

Unvented & Vented Water Heaters

Our inventory also includes a number of unvented water heaters - representing a quickly-expanding sector of the market. Stocked brands include Heatrae Sadia, Zip and Redring. Looking for a vented heater? Our stocked products are suitable for all manner of locations, including surgeries, workshops and homes.

Hand Wash Heaters & Electric Power Showers

Our range of hand wash water heaters are a cost-effective way to deliver hot water for hand hygiene. These products support your compliance with national health and safety legislation. If you’re looking for powerful electric showers from the world’s leading manufacturers, then Triton and Redring are a popular and trusted choice.

Immersion Heaters & Thermostats

Browse our selection of standard copper sheath immersion heater elements (3kW rating), alongside our range of thermostats, designed to be retrofitted in immersion heaters - for entry on the top or the side.

Whatever your requirements for electric water heaters, whether instantaneous beverage water heaters, vented or unvented water heaters, hand wash water the right product at the right price – all backed by our ex-stock delivery commitment.

Beverage Water Heaters

Shop4 Electrical's range of beverage water heaters give boiling filtered water for commercial installations. They cut energy costs and have a host of safety features plus filtration giving crystal-clear boiling water for great-tasting tea and coffee and cooking.

Instantaneous Water Heaters

Instantaneous Water Heaters provide an alternative to the standard storage water heaters, providing instant hot water without the need for storage, the Shop4 Electrical range of water heaters are ideal for domestic or commercial applications where an endless supply of hot water is required.

Unvented Water Heaters

Unvented water heating is the fastest growing sector of the market. Shop4 Electrical recognise this with the extensive range of products from market leaders Heatrae Sadia, Zip Water Heaters and Redring covering all size of installation.

Vented Water Heaters

Small vented point of use water heaters are a popular means of providing hot water to a single sink or basin in homes, kitchens, workshops, surgeries and similar environments. Shop4 Electrical offer products from Heatrae Sadia, Redring and Zip Water Heaters.

Handwash Water Heaters

Electric instantaneous handwash water heaters provide an energy-efficient source of hot water for hand washing, at the point of use, where long inefficient pipe runs would otherwise be required. They ensure conformity with current Health & Safety legislation.

Electric Showers

The latest range of electric showers offered by Shop4 Electrical set new standards in product performance and user friendliness. The range from market leading suppliers Triton and Redring includes a shower to blend in with any décor and suit every need.

Immersion Heaters & Thermostats

All Immersion Heaters elements are rated at 3kW and made from standard copper sheath. Fitted with thermostat and additional separate manual reset safety cut-out to BS EN 60730-2. Thermostats - for retrofit in immersion heaters without a safety cut-out fitted, suitable for top or side entry.