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Special Offers from Shop4 Electrical

Fluorescent Batten Lights

High quality fluorescent light battens with an extensive range of attachments from the UK's market-leading suppliers. These beautifully-designed batten lights deliver powerful light for offices, schools, hospitals and numerous other building types, and offer superior reliability and a long service life.

Thorn & Ansell Fluorescent Batten Lighting

The design and production of these extremely versatile units from reputable brands Thorn and Ansell deliver exceptionally high build quality, superior reliability - not to mention easy installation and maintenance.

Reflectors, Opal Diffusers, Prismatics & Controllers

The Shop4 Electrical range of fluorescent battens is available in a complete range of body sizes, with T8 lamp options and an array of attachments including prismatics, opal diffusers and reflectors . Whether you need a fitting that delivers maximum efficiency, low glare, asymmetric light distribution, or one designed as an emergency light, you’re sure to find the ideal product below.


The optimum choice for maximum efficiency is the high frequency control gear versions of the Thorn Pop Pack and Dextra Dexpax. The minimum power consumption of a high frequency circuit takes advantage of the supplied triphosphor tubes offering up to 20% additional light output.


Shop4 Electrical offers for sale high quality T8 emergency fluorescent battens with high frequency control gear and 3 Hour maintained emergency pack from market leaders Thorn Lighting & Dextra Lighting. Suitable for defined escape routes in commercial and industrial installations.


The clear prismatic controller is an attachment for fluorescent battens which significantly reduces the glare of a bare lamp fitting. Available in single and twin format to suit all luminaire lengths for both Thorn Lighting and Dextra Lighting.


Two designs of open ended metal reflectors are available for the Thorn Lighting and Dextra Lighting fluorescent battens. A standard symmetrical section reflector and an angled reflector (Dextra only) giving an asymmetric light distribution.