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Tungsten Halogen

Tungsten Halogen lamps provide a compact, high output, crisp white light that delivers superior colour reproduction. They are more efficient than incandescent lamps giving more light for less energy and from a smaller physical size.

They are popular for accent, display and general lighting applications in a wide variety of commercial, industrial and residential environments.

Compared to quivalent incandescent lamps, halogen lamps :-

Use energy more efficiently.
Offer a longer life, with up to six times the life expectancy.
Provide a crisper, white light.
Provide better beam control, allowing light to be directed with much greater accuracy.
Offer a more compact size, creating new design opportunies.


A sealed front low voltage (12V) halogen lamp with an aluminium reflector and clear flat front lens. Heat and light are dissipated forward, reducing fixture/ceiling discolouration making Coolfit the perfect choice for use in small ceiling voids or where no rear light spillage is wanted.


A contractor favourite, sealed front low voltage (12V) halogen lamp with dichroic reflector and sealed flat front lens, offering outstanding performance and reliability.


Halogen dichroic lamps giving high output illumination, precision distribution and long life.


Low voltage (12V) halogen capsule lamps offer compact size, high-performance and versatility, with three times the life of traditional incandescent lamps and constant light output throughout lamp life. These lamps are designed for use in luminaires with a protective front glass.


GU10 mains voltage halogen lamps can be used in many applications and offer new, cost effective possibilities for fixture designs and lighting solutions. 50mm GU10 lamps have the same diameter as a 12V MR16 lamp but operates straight from the mains without the need for a transformer or special wiring.


The Aurora GU10 aluminium reflector lamp has a 36 beam and recommended for use with Aurora mains voltage downlights and fittings. Available in 50 watts and 35 watts suitable for accent and general lighting.


SLI Hi-Spot mains voltage halogen lamps are completely interchangeable with R63 / R80, R95 incandescent reflector lamps. Upgrading to beautiful halogen light could not be quicker or easier, offering halogen light without the need for a transformer.


The mains voltage capsule lamp combines extreme compactness with all the benefits of mains voltage halogen. With twice the lamp life compared to standard GLS lamps, and only one tenth of its size, mains voltage capsule lamps allow more flexibility in fixture design, without the need for a transformer.