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Fire Performance Cables

Fire rated cable, which can also be termed fire proof cable on specification documents, offers enhanced protection against fire when installing cabling into new/retrofit installations. Typical applications for fire rated cable are fire alarms systems and emergency lights systems which must remain operable when the building catches fire.

Shop4 All Electrical offers the latest fire resistant cable from Prysmian and Datwyler, the market leading manufactures and suppliers of fire rated cable and passive fire protection products.


FP200GOLD cables are designed for cabling essential safety circuits associated with fire detection, alarm and evacuation such as conventional, addressable and voice fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, critical communication and essential service circuits used in a wide range of public access buildings and industrial complexes.


FP-Plus is a highly durable and dressable, easy to terminate and install fire resistant cable. It brings to the market for the first time an enhanced fire alarm cable with the unmatched combination of rigidity and ease of bending associated with the market leading FP200 Gold cable.


Halogen-free cable with improved fire characteristics, for fire alarm systems and emergency lighting for permament installation in buildings. Approved to BS 7629-1 and BS 5839-1 British Standards.


IP68 cable gland for use with the Fire Rated Cables where a cable entry is required through a enclosure or panel. The gland maintains the fire-rated properties of the installation


IP68 plastic-coated P cable clip for use with Fire Rated Cables. The gland maintains the fire-rated properties of the installation.


Linian Fire Rated Cable Clips - take advantage of this massive upgrade in fire clip design, offering major benefits in efficiency, safety and value for money. The unique design means that installation time is cut up to 70% over standard cable clips.


D-Line Safe-D Clips were the first fire-rated clips that could be installed in non-metallic trunkings. Produced from non-alloy high temperature steel, D-Line Safe-D Clips are fully tested and certified as capable of supporting cables in temperatures of 970C for 2 hours, allowing time to evacuate densely populated buildings.