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Miscellaneous Cable

Alarm cables, telephone cables, digital satellite cables, co-axial cables, bellwire and speaker cables can be ordered in 100m reels from Shop4-Electrical for next day delivery.


Flexible alarm cable used for the wiring of burglar alarms and other low voltage circuits.


Cables primarily designed for the interconnection of telephone equipment which is installed indoors. In addition these cables may be used for the interconnection of other communication and control equipment or low level signalling applications.


Ideal for installations where the satellite cable must be very durable (e.g. underground or in wet conditions etc.). With a gas-injected foam-core dielectric, the PF100 is very robust, watertight and ready for digital satellite installations.


SHOTGUN-COAX twin Shotgun co-axial cable is trusted, installed and used by the largest to the smallest installations. Ideal for Sky+ installations which require 2 feeds suitable for any repair jobs & relocating set-top boxes.


Semi-flexible. Copper clad steel conductor. Copper screen. PVC sheath. Foam gas injected polyethylene insulation. CAI approved. Suitable for Broadcast, CCTV, and Security Systems. High Tensile Strength Makes Cable Suitable for Long Runs


Solid cored low voltage bell wire, for wiring door bells and other low voltage circuits which operate up to 50 Volts. The conductors are laid side by side in a flat figure of 8 configuration.