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Special Offers from Shop4 Electrical


Shop4-Electrical offer a comprehensive range of electrical tapes and circuit identification tapes used to insulate/identify electrical wires and other material that conduct electricity.

Our range includes general purpose pvc insulation tape in a full range of colours. Underground warning tape, gaffer tape and self amalgamating tape.

Temflex™ 1700P Pre-printed Phase Marking Tape with phase marking identification characters and a cable marker cassette with self-adhesive vinyl impregnated wire markers provide the electrical contractor with a quick and easy method of circuit identification allowing compliance with the latest regulations.


Manufactured from flame retardant self extinguishing PVC to BS EN 60454. Suitable for electrical insulation, binding, colour coding and general work. Available in a range of sizes and colours.


Used as a visual detectable warning in underground trenches to alleviate damage to buried services from excavation works. Designed to fracture on impact from a digger ensuring high visibility. Must be laid 0.30m above the services. Made from low density polythene printed with the legend DANGER ELECTRICAL CABLE BELOW


Vinyl cloth reinforced cloth gaffer tape with aggressive adhesive backing. The ultimate maintenance aid - thick, versatile it will Seal, mask, bundle, patch, reinforce and repair! Durable & waterproof, can be used inside or outdoors, suitable for use on pipes, ducts and insulation Can be torn by easily by hand to desired length.


Suitable for permanently waterproofing of electrical cables and cable joints. Can also be used for fast, temporary repairs to hoses and water pipes. Used to joint and repair a wide range of power and distribution cables up to 46 kV. Excellent self-amalgamation, heat and ageing characteristics.