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Retail Lighting

Maximise sales and customer experience in your retail environment with innovative and energy efficient lighting. Shop4 Electrical retail lighting product profile is suitable for commercial situations such as Shops, Stores, Galleries and similar environments.


Ansell Lighting Single Circuit Mains Voltage Track & Accessories can be used to create a full indoor lighting scheme ideal for use in retail display lighting and commercial lighting. Available in lengths of 1m and 2m in either white or satin silver.


Ansell Lighting offer a comprehensive range of discreet track spotlights for single circuit mains voltage track. Covering all lamp types from LED to metal halide and low voltage options the range is ideal for highlighting and general lighting retail and commercial applications.


Shop4 Electrical offer the Ansell Mains Voltage Track Packs. Mains voltage track is generally used in Commercial situations such as Shops, Stores, Galleries and similar environments. It has the cost advantage of not requiring any transformers making installation easier, quicker and more cost effective.


Shop4 Electrical offer a range of single circuit track spotlights with slimline track adaptor from Aurora Lighting. Track lighting offers the user maximum flexibility for retail/commercial applications where light sources need to be moved to account for changes in displays on a regular basis.