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Site Equipment and Lighting

You have selected Site Equipment & Lighting.

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Increasingly, construction site equipment and lighting is a requirement placed on the electrical contractor, by the job. We stock a range of industrial and work site lighting fixtures designed for the construction industry, with portable products from Briticent, Birchwood and Channel Safety most designed to run at 110V.

our Briticent festoon lighting is the economical, effective way to light a large outdoor area, and it can be supplied on 100m or 25m strings.

Portable Tool Transformers, Cable Reels & Arctic Flex

Our range includes a choice of powerful portable tool transformers, delivering 110V power for lights and tools. We also stock a range of cable reels and extension leads - so important for the busy electrician. In addition, you'll find a choice of arctic cabling flex, designed to withstand extremes of temperature, and ideal for such applications as traffic lights and construction site requirements.

Underground Warning Tape

We also supply electric cable warning tape - important in helping to minimise damage done to buried services when excavation work is underway. The convention is for this warning tape to be laid 30cm above any services.

Shop4 All Electrical is alert to these needs and provides a comprehensive range of lighting and power products. Portable lighting, transformers, extension units, cable reels and inspection lamps are all available with our ex-stock next day delivery commitment.

Site Lighting

Shop4 Electricals range of site lighting is targeted at the Construction industry with products from Briticent, Birchwood and Channel Safety carefully selected based on the requirements of the busy electrical contractor. The majority of our site lighting is designed to operate at 110V.

Festoon Lighting

Briticent festoon lighting provides a very effective solution to illuminating large areas. Festoon lighting from Shop4 Electrical can be supplied in 100 metre strings with both screw ES or twist BC lamp holders (without lamps or guards) or in or 25 metre kits complete with guards or safety covers and GLS lamps.

Portable Tool Transformers

Shop 4 Electrical offer the Lewden and Briticent Portable Tool Transformers providing a 110V supply for power tools and temporary lighting. With ratings from 750VA to 3000VA the all insulated enclosures are exceptionally robust and designed to withstand adverse weather conditions and rough handling on construction sites.

Cable Reels / Extension Leads

Shop4 Electrical 110V cable reels, splitter box and extension leads are manufactured to comply with the latest BS standards. They are ideal for the electrical contractor or mobile professional user needing to easily take power to inaccessible areas.

Arctic Cable

These flexible power supply leads are used in the connection of electrical appliances for outdoor industrial installations such as tempory traffic lights and construction sites for use with 110V transformers and portable tools. Designed to withstand severe external temperatures.

Underground Warning Tape

Used as a visual detectable warning in underground trenches to alleviate damage to buried services from excavation works. This product is designed to fracture on impact from a digger ensuring high visibility. Must be laid 0.30m above the services. Printed with the legend DANGER ELECTRICAL CABLE BELOW