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Energy Saving Control Solutions

You have selected Energy Saving Controls.

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Shop 4 Electrical brings you the latest energy saving solutions for less. Our extensive range of energy saving controls includes products from market leaders such as Danlers, CP Electronics, BEG Luxomat and Timeguard.

PIR Occupancy Switches

We stock PIR occupancy switches from Danlers and BEG Luxomat, internal ceiling mounted PIRs from Timeguard and Robus, white moulded, gridswitch and external time lag switches from Danlers and indoor and outdoor timers from Elkay.
We also stock PIR occupancy switches, photocells and runback timers from CP Electronics.

Time Delay/Time Lag Switches

Our selection also features time delay switches with single gang push button delay. The time lag can be set between approximately 10 seconds and 10 minutes, providing great flexibility.

Order with Confidence

It has never been so easy to control your electrical appliances and lighting giving you the most economical returns - saving the end user power consumption and money.

Danlers PIR Occupancy Switches

The Danlers range of Passive Infra-Red occupancy switches is designed for the automatic control of lighting, heating, ventilation or air conditioning loads. This has the benefits of reduced energy bills and automatic control.

BEG Luxomat PIR Occupancy Switches

BEG Luxomat PIR Occupancy Switches are designed to detect moving sources of heat in their detection area and to automatically switch the light. Ideal for saving energy in modern buildings by ensuring light is only switched-on when it is required, automatically switching off when the working/living space becomes vacant.

Timeguard Internal Ceiling Mount PIRs

The Timeguard range of white internal 360 ceiling surface and flush mount PIR presence detectors are ideal for energy saving installations in the workplace, corridors, offices, toilets etc., where light control can make all the difference.

Robus Internal Ceiling Mount PIR

The Robus Internal Ceiling Mount PIR is a high quality great looking surface mount sensor with a slim profile that contributes to the energy savings required to meet the carbon reduction targets of commercial buildings. Combining passive infra-red and photocell technology, it ensures the lighting comes on only when natural light alone is not enough.

Danlers White Moulded Time Lag Switches

These electronic Time Lag switches are designed to switch lights, or other loads, on for a limited time only, and to switch off automatically after a time lag has elapsed. They bring energy saving benefits and are ideal for use in stairwells, store rooms and in many other applications.

Danlers Gridswitch Time Lag Switches

These electronic grid time lag switches are designed to switch lights, or other loads, on for a limited time only, and to switch off automatically after a time lag has elapsed. They may be placed in any position on the MK Grid Plus, Crabtree grid or Euro plate installations.

Danlers External Time Lag Switches IP66

Ideal for energy saving control of exterior heaters and exterior lighting. Also suitable for damp areas indoors. Tough, hard wearing, IP66 rated, weatherproof polycarbonate moulding. The time lags are adjustable from 2 to 20 minutes.

Elkay EnergySense Timers

The EnergySense range from Elkay Electrical provides a simple and highly cost effective way of saving energy, which can be as easily installed in existing buildings as it can be incorporated into new build schemes.

Elkay EnergyOutdoor Timers

With the range of EnergyOutdoor products, ambient, security lighting and power can be timer controlled outdoor including parking areas and gardens. Offering a choice of pushbutton, touch, PIR and remote timers, EnergyOutdoor gives function, style and durability to outdoor energy saving.

CP Electronics PIR Occupancy Switches

CP Electronics range of presence and absence detectors can help reduce energy consumption by automatically turning off lighting, heating or ventilation that is needlessly left on. They can also contribute to public and workforce safety by automatically illuminating dark corridors and stairwells, for example.

Time Delay Switches

Single gang push button delay switch with centre button neon. Light ON times are adjustable from 10 seconds to 10 minutes approx. via a tamperproof potentiometer setting.

CP Electronics Photocells

The ALC-PRM-VFC photocell will turn lighting on when the ambient light falls below a preset level. The lighting will then be turned off when the total light level rises above a separate preset level.

CP Electronics Run Back Timer

The RBT2 is an electronic run back timer which provides effective control for a variety of loads. The unit allows an appliance to be powered for a set time period which can be adjusted by the user. A simple LED display indicates how much time is left to run.

Danlers PIR Thermostats For Heating & Cooling

For the automatic control of electric heating and cooling loads. If somebody is present the heating/cooling is controlled by the thermostat. If nobody is present in the room temperature is allowed to rise/fall to a to a lower base level which is also adjustable.