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Festoon Lighting

Briticent festoon lighting provides a very effective solution to illuminating large areas.

Festoon lighting from Shop4 Electrical can be supplied in 100 metre strings with both screw ES or twist BC lamp holders (without lamps or guards) or in or 25 metre kits complete with guards or safety covers and GLS lamps.

Additional Energy Efficient 110V lamps and polycarbonate or wire festoon guards complete the range.


Briticent Festoon Lighting Kit is IP64 rated and supplied complete with 25m cable with 10 guards and lamps - 2m spacing with a 5m tail. Both BC and ES lamp options are available in kit form - please call for details of the ES option.


Briticent Festoon Cable is IP64 rated and supplied in 100m lengths with 3m lamp holder spacing. The Arctic grade cable size is 2.5mm˛. Both BC and ES lamp options are available.


Briticent Festoon Guards are available in both wire or totally enclosed polycarbonate options.


Briticent offer a range of 110V lamps for use with festoon cable. The 13W Compact Fluorescent Lamps are equivalent to 60w GLS offering the energy savings required in todays green economy.