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Vented Water Heaters

Small vented point of use water heaters are a popular means of providing hot water to a single sink or basin in homes, kitchens, workshops, surgeries and similar environments.

These products are variously known as 'Open outlet', 'Displacement' or 'Non-pressure' water heaters. They have an open outlet and rely on the opening of a tap or valve on the inlet side to displace the hot water in the heater with incoming cold water.

During the warm-up cycle it is normal for expanded water to drip from the spout or tap.


Redring WS7 Vented Storage Water Heaters offer an economical solution to provide stored hot water at point of use and can be mounted undersink using the special monoblock chrome-mixer accessory. Being installed at Point-Of-Use they benefit from minimal standing heat loss.


The ever popular Zip Contract range of open outlet vented water heaters offer hot waters to a single point of use. Supplied with swivel arm, full external temperature control they are the ideal solution for economical oversink applications.


An attractive, thermoplastic, point of use product offering remarkable versatility, Streamline comes in two sizes, each with two ratings.


Heatrae Sadia Express 7 is a vented point of use hot water heater designed for demanding commercial and industrial applications such as canteens and workshops. It has a tough metal case, with a capacity of 7 litres and rated at 3kW it is equally well-suited to oversink and undersink applications.