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LED Battens

SHOP4 All Electrical introduces a comprehensive range of linear LED batten fittings from market leading suppliers JCC Lighting, Thorn Lighting, Ansell Lighting and Cooper Lighting.

These LED battens are designed to meet demand for long-lasting, low-maintenance lighting in spaces such as homes, factories, warehouses, plant rooms, corridors, hospitals and schools.

These new ranges feature the widest range of lumen options on the market. Fluorescent battens were historically perceived as being lower cost. However, these LED solutions are not only highly energy efficient but have a longer life and therefore require less maintenance, particularly in 24/7 operations and inaccessible areas, which makes their overall cost of ownership extremely competitive in the long term.

Available in nominal four, five and six foot formats, these LED battens are ideal for both new installations and retro fit applications in environments. There is also a three hour maintained emergency options across all ranges.


Ansell Lighting Topline6 is a high performance IP20 LED Batten ideal for installation in industrial, commercial and retail environments. The Topline6 combines versatility and cost-effectiveness with the quality you’d expect from Ansell Lighting.


JCC Lighting Skypack Quick Release IP20 LED batten fittings features an innovative dual button mechanism to make installation quick and simple, ensuring that the LED tray and diffuser remains secure during the product lifetime.


JCC Skypack™ LED has been engineered to directly match the lumens and provide the same lux level as traditional T8 fluorescent fittings. End users can maintain their current light levels and achieve a 50% energy saving without unwanted expensive re-wiring tasks. 


The Thorn Lighting PopPack LED battens are supplied with integrated LED technology for ultra-low energy consumption and offers an ideal upgrade for existing PopPack installations.


Ansell Lighting Airbeams are high performance LED battens for multi-purpose commercial and industrial applications offering up to 56% energy saving. Designed to replace fluorescent T8 battens they offer all the inherent energy and maintenance savings associated with installing LED fittings.


These superb fittings replace standard T8 fluorescent battens making energy savings of over 40% and with no maintenance costs other than cleaning. With an attractive and pleasing aesthetic they are ideal for illumination in a range of applications.


The all new Crompack LED delivers a comprehensive range of linear LED batten luminaires incorporating a range of lumen outputs across 3 luminaire lengths. Designed to replace T8 fluorescent battens with all the inherent energy savings associated with installing LED fittings.


The Eco8™ range of slimline LED battens are designed around simplicity. With their integrated driver and easy access rear terminal block, they're available in a range of lengths and lumen outputs so are a discreet upgrade or replacement to traditional single T8 fluorescent fittings.