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Haverland Designer Eco Radiators

Haverland supply energy efficient heating solutions for a wide range of applications in both the business and domestic setting. Their Designer Series covers a wide cross-section of electric heating systems including domestic, retail, office, listed properties, public buildings, commercial and social housing, hotels and more.

Designer electric radiators are perfectly designed for maximum heat transfer. All electric heaters come fully fitted with an electronic PID controlled thermostat that will allows the control of temperatures and times for the best energy efficient heating as possible.

All the Haverland Designer electric radiators are adaptable. They can function as stand alone electric heaters or be incorporated into a complete electric central heating system throughout any home or business.

Featuring injected aluminium construction they are fast to heat and easy to regulate. The cutting edge design ensures that all our electric heaters will provide efficient electrical heating that keeps the energy costs down.


A World-first radiant heating system that can intelligently program itself. ULTRAD offers ultimate flexibility with several programming options to choose from: including the options to control it from anywhere in the world using an app or to simply let it learn and control itself!


Haverland Designer TT white low energy electric radiator is easy-install, fully programmable electric heaters which allow you to keep your heating bills as low as possible with a state of the art built in energy monitor. The elegant contemporary design of these radiators makes it a discrete yet stylish addition to any home.


Haverland Designer RCV white low energy wall mounted electric radiators offer an elegant contemporary design which is a discrete yet stylish addition to any home. If the requirement is for an extremely efficient and low maintenance product, the RCV is number one choice!