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Vent Axia SUNB2000BL Black Instant Outdoor Radiant Heater Wall Mounted Horizontal Use IP65 2KW Width: 460 mm - Height: 190mm- Depth: 75mm

Vent Axia SUNB2000BL Black Instant Outdoor Radiant Heater Wall Mounted Horizontal Use IP65 2KW Width: 460 mm - Height: 190mm- Depth: 75mm


£ 79.99 exc. VAT
£ 95.99 incl. VAT

Normally despatched within 1-2 working days
Normally despatched
within 1-2 working days
Essentials Product

The Sunburst radiant heater is the ideal choice for those that want to use their outdoor space. With a one second heat up time, you will feel the benefits of the heater almost instantly. This radiant heater is great for pubs, cafes, bars, restaurants and installation at home due to a heating range 10-12m2. The heater comes delivered with an easy-to-mount wall bracket and cable to speed up installation.

The heater is powerful due to a low glare amber halogen lamp and reflector technology, allowing you to extend the time you spend outside. The Sunburst comes with two years warranty and is IP65 rated, making it ideal for outdoor applications. It is silent in operation, ensuring you get to truly enjoy the outdoors, and there are no annual maintenance costs.

Radiant heat and its advantages
The heat we feel from the sun is called radiant heat and is part of the electromagnetic spectrum called infrared. Ultra violet and visible light also belong to the same family. Visible light is the easiest part of this spectrum to understand, light travels in a straight line from the source, is unaffected by air and is invisible until it hits a surface. Shadows are a good example of this and are the absence of light. Infrared rays behave in the same way, we cannot see them but we can feel them as warmth. A good example of this is the effect created when you move from the shade into the sun, although the temperature is the same, the perceived temperature when in direct sunlight is much higher. This phenomenon makes sunbathing possible during winter holidays. There are three categories of infrared; short wave (IR A), medium wave (IR B) and long wave (IR C), the shorter the wave length the easier it travels through the air. The advantage when using short wave infrared heating is that the rays cut through the air and are not affected by air movement and only transmits its energy when it collides with a solid object. The rays also travel in a straight line so can be directed where you need it, ideal in locations which feature high ceilings, have high air change rates or are outside.

• Economical and easy to install
• Silent in operation
• No yearly maintenance cost
• Shortwave IR halogen lamp
• Instant heat from switch on
• Precision heating directed where you need it
• Up to 5000 hours element life span
• IP65 rated and will work safely in the rain

Technical Info:
Rating: 2kW
Luminous spectrum: IR-A
Accessories: Wall Bracket
Output W: 2000
Heating range: 10-12m²

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