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Excel XL-BW Xlerator Eco White Moulded Low Energy Automatic No Touch Hand Dryer 500W 240V

Excel XL-BW Xlerator Eco White Moulded Low Energy Automatic No Touch Hand Dryer 500W 240V


£ 457.99 exc. VAT
£ 549.59 incl. VAT

Normally despatched within 1-2 working days
Normally despatched
within 1-2 working days
Essentials Product

The new generation XLERATOReco is the high-speed low-energy electric hand dryer of the future. Stylish, powerful and sustainable, it is one of the best and easiest ways to update your washroom.

High performance XLERATOReco is a superfast, low-energy electrical hand dryer that dries hands completely in 10 seconds. With its 500W low energy consumption, it uses 95% less energy than a power hungry conventional hand dryer.
It is one of the lowest energy hand dryers on the market and costs only 1p per 92 uses!
Not only does XLERATOReco outperform conventional hand dryers, It dries hands in the time it takes to use a paper towel, yet it is more hygienic and environmentally friendly and delivers a 99% cost saving.
Hepa air filter options are available to ensure a very high level of protection against airborne infection.
Easy to install, XLERATOReco is robust, reliable and built to last. It comes in a wide range of sleek finishes.
XLERATOReco is the first hand dryer to achieve Green Spec listing and is certified under the Greener Products scheme.

Where to use
You’ll find XLERATOReco everywhere, from hotels, places to eat and drink, entertainment and leisure venues as well as offices and places of work in the private and public sectors, schools, universities and hospitals.

XLERATOReco dries hands fast and is activated by the infra-red sensor which turns the unit on and off automatically. The high-speed motor blows air at a rate of 20,000 revolutions per minute.

Xlerator works in two phases:
• Airflow blows off excess water droplets from your clean hands in 3-4 seconds.
• Then the remaining layer of moisture evaporates, leaving hands feeling soft, warm and dry in 5-6 seconds.

That’s 4 times faster than conventional dryers and the same time that it takes to dry hands using a paper towel.

Its unique design is protected by 2 patents.

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Xlerator XL Automatic Hand Dryers

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